Should I Pay for Homescapes?

Homescapes is a game for mobile devices. Then again if you can emulate it you can always play it on a PC when you have to. Homescapes has two different gameplay mechanics. The first mechanic is that it is a puzzle game. It is your basic match three tiles puzzle game. What you do is to complete the different levels available for you to play at. Each level has a specific number of moves that you have and you need to complete the objectives. The objectives can vary like collecting 10 blue tiles and 20 red tiles to something like 40 green tiles. Then there are those levels where you need to place a carpet around the entire board while matching those puzzles. That being said the puzzle mechanic isn’t that hard to begin with.

The other mechanic is the simulation part where you basically change the look of your house or at least parts of the house that are available for the time being. You can unlock items from each level once you progress the story. You can buy the other items that you would want but haven’t unlocked yet. Basically just change the look of your house from time to time when you feel like it while playing the puzzles or if you have no hearts to play with. The important thing here is that Homescapes is a free game. You don’t have to pay for the game but it does have an option for you to pay and use real money. You maybe wondering what can you get from paying with real money as well as why you should pay.

Lets start first with why you should pay or maybe not pay. The game doesn’t lock out any content if you don’t play. Basically you can play the entire game without spending a single penny on it. You can unlock all items when you have the exact a amount of coins. One of the incentives when you do pay is that you can buy those coins. Having more coins means you can unlock and buy more of those items much faster than playing the puzzles one at a time that rewards you with a small amount of coins. But don’t forget that you can use this homescapes cheats to get free coins too.

The other thing is that you can also recharge your hearts when you pay for it with real money. You don’t have to wait for hearts to recharge or ask from other players so you can play again continuously. That’s pretty much what paying for Homescapes can get you. Your opponent is basically time as paying allows you to speed up the process of most things. In the question as to whether you should pay for the game or not is up to you. Most people that are addicted to the game tend to do so. Those that aren’t so caught up in the game can just play it as it is without paying and just wait for their hearts to recharge. Pay for the game if you want but don’t spend too much on it.