Gardenscapes: New Acres, Same Garden New Sights

Gardenscapes: New Acres is a game where it mixes gardening simulation and a matching puzzle gameplay.  You play a basic game of puzzle where you match three different tiles or more to unlock goodies and progress with the game. When you’re not playing the puzzle game, you can choose to create and design your garden and the simulation aspect. Puzzle and garden simulation is kind of a weird mix so use our Gardenscapes cheats that we have compiled

The puzzle games

You will be able to play puzzles on your garden. Clearing them will progress the game. The gameplay is pretty much your standard type of game. Gardenscapes: New Acres just puts an emphasis on the garden aspect so to speak. You just have to match the right number of tiles to clear the level. You can’t play previously finished levels though or play ahead if you haven’t completed the current level you are on. Complete the level first before proceeding.

Use lives before getting the next day

When you’re playing puzzles and fail at them you will lose a life. You will have five lives so if you run out of lives for that day, you can’t play anymore puzzles. That’s the good thing is because when you choose to move on to the next day your lives will recharge. Here’s a nice little trick to do before you move to the next day. One thing is to use up all of your lives. Then you need to do as much work as you can on your garden until you’re at 100% workload already. Once all of these are accomplished, proceed to the next day to maximize your performance.

Gnomes and grasses

In some levels there will be gnomes. You need to get these gnomes for some benefits. They are hidden in grasses that can vary in types. There are thin grasses that can be cleared with one match and thick grasses that need to be cleared two times. You have to complete the level when you get the gnome. You can play the level again if you fail but the gnomes won’t be staying in one place as they will move to another spot.

Stars for the win

When you complete puzzle levels you get star ratings with 3 being the highest and 1 being the lowest. You can use these stars as a form of currency. It is ideal to use these stars to repair your garden on don’t spend on them on anything else as well as you can use other resources for other things. If you would also like you can use some stars to speed up production.

Take care of your garden

Like any simulation game especially for farming or gardening you need to take care of your plants. Make sure you beautify your garden and put some effort into taking care of your plants. Just do the basics to keep them alive as they won’t die if you miss an hour of playing. One other thing is that Gardenscapes: New Acres gives you the chance to do a free spin for items daily so be sure to log in.

Tend to your garden and solve those puzzles with the help of our Gardenscapes: New Acres hack, cheats, tips and guide.